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Data Model for Layered Service Delivery Platforms   

We would be glad to have your comments.
We define a Platform as "a Pre-existing environment that offers facilities at an abstraction level tailored to a specific Functional area".
A couple of interesting Web Sites are
1) Workday, which offers "One global finance system for large enterprises" in a full-page ad in the Finanicial Times for October 7th, 2015. and Professional Services
The Workday Story talks about how the founders were 2 friends in the States who decided to develop Cloud-based Services for Finance and HR.

2) and Concur, a vendor of Cloud-based PSA Services, which was aquired by SAP for $8.3 billion as reported in Forbes in September, 2014.
You can check out our Strategy and the Three Phases in our Getting Started Data Models, which are based on our Canonical Data Model.
Check out the Review of our User Interface options ,our draft User Interface and Step 1 in the User Scenario and Development Schedule.
Here's a link to EventBrite offering 3rd. Party OSS Global Event Management.
And here's our Services and Inheritance Data Model
Here are links to IBM's BlueMix Platform, Microsoft's Azure and Oracle's Apex.

Cloud Services Delivery Platforms

Generic Platform Architecture

Platform Architecure
EE is target for October 6th Deliverable Plan

Ocober 6th. Plan

Add Bank, Hotel and Logistics for POC by Friday, Nov 6th. for validation.

This table shows the Generic Services used in selected Vertical Applications.
Maybe add Movement for HAL
Hotel includes Check In and Out as Services.

  EE Bank Hotel Log
Move Yes     Yes
Pay Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reserve     Yes Yes
Service Yes Yes Yes Yes

This is the Logical Data Model for the October 6th. Development Platform for Everyday Events
for the Plan shown above and to the right.

Tables in yellow have been set up with data on Apex.

Reference Data (eg Document Definitions, Platforms) and Master Data (eg Addresses, Customers, Documents ,Document Definitions, Locations, Services and Staff) will be pre-loaded.

Transaction Data (eg Payments and Service Requests) will be entered by the User through the Apex Application.

Below we show the Deliverables :-
1. which is to create a new Record,
2. which is to read existing records.
This means we can give convincing demonstrations of entering new records and immediately showing the new records in a list of existing records.
TBD=To Be Done, (ie not yet started), WIP=Work in Progress

Deliverables - 1
Create a new record by June 7th (WIP)

Customer Retail
Create a new record by May 24th (WIP)

Customer Services
Create a new record by May 31st (WIP)
Create a new record by June 14th (TBD)

Bobby submits a Timesheet (July 5th)
(Requires UI design)

Deliverables - 2
Read existing records by June 14th (WIP)

Customer Retail
Read existing records by June 7th (WIP)

Customer Services
Read existing records by June 7th (TBD)
Read existing records by June 21st (TBD)

Bobby goes to the Friendly Bank, Makes a Deposit, Makes a Withdrawal and then Checks his Bank Balance. (May 31st)

Customer Retail
Bobby buys Shoes (May 24th)

Customer Services
1) Bobby requests a Service
2) Engineering supplies a Service
3) Inspection reviews the Service (June 7th)
1) Bobby takes a Train Trip from Paddington Station, London to Heathrow Airport Station.(June 14th)
2) Bobby takes a Plane Trip from Heathrow Airport, London to Arlanda Airport, Sweden.(June 14th)
3) Bobby Ships a BMW Car from Felixstowe, UK to Stockholm, Sweden.and tracks it (June 21st)
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