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How to add a Database-driven Search Facility

Elephant Seal Colony, San Simeon, California QUESTIONS :
  1. How can I add a Search facility without developing it myself ?

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The original Question was :-

I want to have a Frequently Asked Questions section on my Web Site, where the user can 
type in a few keywords, and get a selection of existing questions.  
I am planning on having all the questions and answers in a database.
How do I do it ?

My answer was ...

There are quite a number of companies offering a free search facility for exactly the reason that you identify, namely that
there is a demand for site searches but people don't really want to do it from the ground-up.
These usually work by building an index to your site in their own database, which is then updated regularly.
I am not sure whether these services can be tailored to query a database - probably not, in which case you would need to create
text files (HTML pages) and point the Search engine at those pages.
Right now,you have two possibilities :-
1) Choose one of these services,
2) Wait a week until I have finished building my own search facility.
Option 1) Commercial services :-
1.1) I have used a neat facility from Atomz, ( 
     You can see it in action on one of my other Sites at :-
     If you type KPI in the 'general search' box, the search will return with 92 hits. 
     The layout is good and you can tailor it to match the house-style of your own Web Site.
1.2 A very impressive Site is which offers a range of 'intelligent information-handling services'. Their Search
    services, called Webinator, are described on,
    where it says :-
      "Note: You can get a copy of this search software for your site,
       and if that's too hard we'll even maintain the site index for you!"
    You can see this is in use at if you click on 'search'
1.3 I am currently developing a database-supported facility and with a natural language query for the DatabaseAnswers FAQs. The database is at :-
    The database is very simple and I'm doing it myself using MySQL to see if it really is as simple as it looks and because I can tailor it to suit myself.

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