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  1. Where can I find the ANSI SQL Standards ?
  2. Can you recommend some good books on Databases ?
  3. Can you recommend some good books on Data Modelling ?
  4. What are the major Components in an RDBMS ?
  5. What is a DBA ?
  6. What is it like to be a DBA for a day ?
  7. What is a Data Architecture ?
  8. What is the Role of the Data Architect ?
  9. What is a Database Audit ?
  10. What is Data Integration ?
  11. Do you have any recommendations for Data Modelling Tools ?
  12. Where do I find a Glossary of Terms ?
  13. How do I Delete Duplicate Records ?
  14. How do I get started in using Databases ?
  15. How long have Databases been around ?
  16. How do I Monitor Performance of my Web Site and Database ?
  17. Where are Databases used ?
  18. What are Star and Snowflake Data Models ?
  19. Where can I find some Kick-Start Data Models ?
  20. How do I Learn SQL ?
  21. Are there any Database University Research Departments ?
  22. What are Codd's 12 Rules ?
  23. What is the best way to develop Database-backed Web Sites ?
  24. What is Data Warehousing ?
  25. How can I instal Sybase without any documentation ?
  26. How can I monitor performance in a Sybase Database ?
  27. Can I store Images in an Access Database ?
  28. Tell me something about Objects
  29. How should I install Oracle 9i Personal ?
  30. How do I add a Search Facility ?
  31. What is Telematics ?
  32. Where can I find Online Tutorials ?
  33. How can I improve performance of a Very Large Database(VLDB)
  34. Can you tell me something about Web Marketplaces ?

  1. ANSI SQL Standards
    Go to the ANSI Online Electronic Standards Store ,where you can find a number the SQL Standard for $235.00.
    Sometimes, Standards can be dry to read, and it might be better to buy a book like SQL:-
    THE STANDARD HANDBOOK by Stephen Canaan and Gerard Otten (ISBN 0-07-707664-8),
    THE SQL STANDARD by Chris DATE (ISBN 0-201-96426-0) is also good.
  2. Books - the most widely-used theoretical books are by Chris Date. For books about specific products, such as Oracle or IBM's DB2, go to,and look for the books that get the most stars. Two that I particularly like because they are good for doing hands-on exercises, are both by SAMS -
    If money is tight, check out the Dummies series, like Oracle 9i for Dummies, ($19.99 at Amazon), which I think is very good.
  3. Start with Microsoft Access because it's cheap and easy to learn. Later you might want to progress to Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, which is behind 65% of Database-backed Web Sites.
  4. Databases have been around for over 20 years, and you can find some details on our History Page.
  5. Databases are used very widely, in large organisations, such as Banks and Government departments, and in small ones, such as corner grocery stores. They are widely used to support Web Sites, where the information changes frequently, such as product pricing and availability.
  6. Star and Snowflake Designs are typically used to support Data Warehouses or Data Marts. These designs are characterised by a central Table, holding the 'FACTS', with a number of 'DIMENSIONS' tables radiating outwards, just to one level. a Snowflake is similar, except that there are many levels radiating outwards. You can look at an example of both a Star Design and Snowflake Design.
    There is also a starting-point for an e-Commerce Data Model.Star Design and a multi-language e-Commerce Data Model.

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