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Vendors in the Marketplace QUESTIONS :
  1. Tell me something about Web Marketplaces

ANSWERS : Web Marketplaces represent the next generation of Internet-enabled B2B applications.
They share an identical concept, which is a communal meeting-place for people or organisations with a common interest.
Their Business Model is to provide a meeting-place for commercial organisations and act as facilitators who take a small percentage of every transaction.
Directory *** B2B Exchanges Searchable Database of Web Marketplaces
Exchange B2B Rover Aggregates data from multiple business exchanges into one easy-to-use interface.
B2BRover currently searches over 25 different business exchanges in 8 different vertical industries.
Exchange BizProLink, Inc. owns and operates 124 industry-specific Communities-of-Commerce.
Each community functions as a "start-page" and important first "point-of-contact"
for companies seeking to transact with one another.
Exchange FreeMarkets Specializes in real-time online B2B auctions, has handled $4.1 billion in purchasing contracts since its beginning.
Horizontal Markets Marketplace for a variety of supplies and services.
Horizontal Markets Trade Out Site for surplus goods such as factory overruns or discontinued lines
Infrastructure Providers MedChannel Provides an IT backbone for the Medical Supplies marketplace.
S'ware Providers Ariba Sells Procurement automation software and sets up Exchanges.
S'ware Providers Commerce One Builds marketplaces and sells marketing software.
Vertical Markets Altra Energy Technologies For Natural Gas and Electric Power
Vertical Markets CattleInfoNet Buy and sell cattle. Check on commodity future prices.
Get the weather forecast. Read the latest livestock headlines.
Vertical Markets e-Steel Get your steel here or sell some. Create purchase orders or
search throughout the site for the product you need.
Vertical Markets GoFish "Pick a species" and start bidding.
Choices include Arctic Char, Bonito, Dogfish, and Trigger Fish.
Vertical Markets Marketplace for film buyers and distributors.
Access films' trailers, synopses, credits, and pictures online.

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