Sybase FAQs

Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge QUESTIONS and ANSWERS :
  • QUESTION 1 : How can I instal Sybase without any documentation ?
  • ANSWER 1 : Check out Online Sybase books.
  • QUESTION 2: Where can I get a third-party Tool to Monitor Performance in a Sybase Database ?
  • ANSWER 2 : A company called Actual I.T. (pronounced "Actuality") markets a range of performance monitoring tools.
    They have a tool called Application Expert - or AppX for short. 
    It is an application performance analysis tool, rather than a real-time monitoring solution. 
    AppX is used for pre-deployment performance profiling of n-tier apps, response-time analysis of 
    application transactions, network capacity-planning, or for performance troubleshooting 
    - is it the application, the network, client or server?  
    It is generic across a number of IP-based apps - including Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL-Svr, DB2, HTTP, TCP, UDP, etc.
    To monitor a Sybase application in real-time, then their FirstSense solution is more appropriate. 
    This is a client agent-based solution, that monitors application transactions in real-time, and 
    produces reports showing the performance of transactions across the user-base, again showing 
    whether response-time issues are due to the client, server or network.
    To monitor download response-time of a web-site that's driven by a Sybase back-end, 
    then the Keynote Perspective service should be considered. 
    This is a subscription-based service that monitors any number of URL's or transactions from up to 
    nearly 200 agents located on tier-1 and 2 ISP backbone providers, and simulate your customers 
    downloading the page/transaction every hour. 
    Web-based reports reveal how the site is behaving on a geographical, metropolitan, or ISP agent basis across time. 
    It is possible to compare with competitors URL's, or use industry benchmark indices that are provided. 
    The reports also include information about the performance of page components together with errors.

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