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Books on Data Modelling
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Here's a short list of some recommended books on Data Modelling, and
if you have any specific recommendations or comments, please
email me.

Amazon 5-Star Data Modeling (1995) G. Lawrence Sanders
Amazon 5-Star Data Modeling Handbook (1994) Reingruber and Gregory
Amazon 5-Star Data Modeling Workbench (2001) Steve Hoberman
Amazon 5-Star Data Model Resource Book - Vol.1 (2001)
A Library of Universal Data Models for ALL Enterprises
Len Silverston
Amazon 5-Star Data Model Resource Book - Vol.2 (2001)
A Library of Universal Data Models for SPECIFIC Enterprises
Len Silverston
Amazon 5-Star Data Mining Cookbook (2000)
Modeling Data for Marketing, Risk and CRM
Olivia Parr-Rud
Amazon 4-half-Star Data Modeling Essentials (Third Edition, 2004) Graham Simsion
Amazon 4-half-Star Mastering Data Modeling (2000) Carlis & Maguire
Amazon 4-half-Star Data Model Patterns (1996) David C.Hay
Amazon 4-half-Star Data Modeling for Information Professionals (1999) Bob Schmidt
Amazon 4-Star Data Modeling for Everyone (2002) Sharon Allen
Amazon 4-Star Data Modeling and Design (1998) Toby Teorey
Amazon 4-Star Data Modeling & Design for Today's Architectures(1997) Bobak
Amazon 4-Star Data Model Resource Book (1997)
A Library of Logical Data and Data Warehouse Designs
Silverston, Inmon and Graziano
Amazon 4-Star SQL Data Modeling and Structure Processing (1999) Michael David
Amazon 3.5-Star Data Modeling with ERWin (2000) deAngelis
  Data Modeling for Information Systems (1995)
Still no reviews and no stars - very strange !!!
de Carteret and Vidgen

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