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Case Study : Database Audit

Moon over the Sahara, courtesy of Pamela Robertson This is a work in progress. If you are interested in more details, please
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This Page describes how to do a check of a Database, particularly one which is
supporting a Web Site.

Key Points :-

  • Evaluate Database design.
    This requires a diagram or report showing the major Tables in the Database,
    along with record counts.
    We have a Script for Oracle, listed under Data Analysis,to do this.
    A Neat solution, if it is available to you, is to reverse engineer a Database into
    a Data Modelling Tool, such as DataArchitect or ERWin.
    This allows you to create a diagram of a Data Model for the Database.
  • Review Data Quality.
    This requires SQL or a Tool such as Axciom to analyse data patterns and identify inconsistencies.
  • Identify the Data Validation checks
    This table shows the major Steps :-

    1 Define the Database design Preferably by Reverse Engineering Database Diagram
    2 Check Data Values Look for invalid Data Action Plan

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