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Underwater in Fiji Telematics is the word used to describe electronic communications within a vehicle, which will provide the driver with a link to a wide variety of information and enterntainment and recreational services.
If you are new to the area, then check out our Telematics Background Page.
There is a Telematics Conference in Germany in November, 2014.
The Internet of Things is of great interest to Telematics.
I first produced this page in 2001 when I was consulting as a Data Architect with Ford Motor Company in Europe.
The work was interesting but then I learned that there was a 3-year lead-time in requesting space in a new model for Telematics hardware, so I changed to a faster-moving area of work.
Sure enough, not much has happened for the past 6 years.

But now, today's Herald Tribune (7th. January, 2006), reported that Bill Gates spoke at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to announce a partnership between Ford and Microsoft to provide voice-operated iPod tune selection and other Telematics facilities.

A spokesman said the company saw an opportunity to put software in 600 million cars worldwide. Similar systems are already widely available in Japanese and German automobiles.

BMW announced its new iDrive Infotainment System at the North American International Auto Show.
This was planned to be integrated into its 7 Series later in 2001, and will allow drivers to use a button on the vehicle's centre console to accesss the car navigation system, climate controls, telephone and email.

Oracle, announced plans on July 22nd. 2001 to partner with Telematics vendor WingCast, a joint Ford and Qualcomm company to wireless enable vehicles. The developments were expected to be included in 2003-model Fords, complete with Internet access, email and wireless devices.

The Ford Motor Company, announced plans on February 23rd. involving a link-up with Vodafone.

For general coverage of Telematics,go to the Guardian Site and enter 'Telematics' in the Search Box.

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