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  • On 5th. February, 2013 an article in the UK's ComputerActive magazine reported that the Ford Motor Company< has announced plans to offer Telematics services to its customers. Ford has announced a range of new apps for its connected cars, and is inviting people to develop apps to make driving easier. To support this initiative, they have established a Ford Developer Program, to encourage developers to participate in their new app development program.
    FordSyncAppLink combines smartphone apps with certain models of Ford cars that have technology built in to the dashboard.

    On 2nd. September,2011, the Ford Motor Company,announced plans to offer substantially increased Telematics services to their customers.
    On 23rd. February,2001,
    In a tie-up with Vodafone, Ford is to install voice-activated services in its cars.
    The first in-car telematic services will be offered as an option in the Ford Focus model. 
    But Ford intends to install the systems in all of its cars within five years.
    The systems operate via Vodafone's mobile telephone network.
    Initial services include connections to emergency and roadside services, location positioning and 
    rerouting, traffic information and the ability to make phone calls using voice recognition technology.
    The system will be extended to offer personalised news, stock quotes, weather and messaging.
    Drivers will be linked to a customisable home page that can be accessed via the internet, enabling 
    drivers to personalise the information and contacts they wish to access in-car.
    A first range of services will be available in Germany on March 1 followed by a UK launch and a 
    roll out to other countries.
    The services can be accessed by four buttons on the front panel of the stereo system in the Ford Focus.
    "Telematics offer a whole new way to satisfy customers," said David Thursfield, president and chief executive of Ford, Europe. 
    "We are delighted the Focus is the first European Ford to be available with telematic technology.
    "We anticipate that, within five years, nearly all new Ford vehicles will be fitted with some type of 
    telematics system," said Mr Thursfield.
    "Telematics is an integral part of our strategy, delivering information and assistance to our customers 
    wherever they are, even in-car," said Thomas Geitner, Vodafone Group chief executive, group products and services.

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