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Oracle Sequence for Auto-Increment
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Welcome to Barry's Book of Useful Scripts
Example Number 1 ...
create sequence product_seq start with 1 increment 1
create or replace trigger product_insert before insert for each row begin
select productseq.nextval
into :new.product_id
from dual;

Example Number 2 ...
How to create an autoincrement field in a table with a sequence ...
SQLWKS> create table bob(a number , b varchar2(21));
Statement processed.
First create a sequence
SQLWKS> create sequence x ;
Statement processed.
Then create the trigger.
create trigger y before insert on bob
for each row
when (new.a is null)
 select x.nextval into :new.a from dual;

Example Number 3 ...
    First create a sequence:
create sequence emp_no_seq;
By default it increments by 1 starting at 0.
Use its values when inserting data into the table:
insert into t_emp values (emp_no_seq.nexval, 'Joe Black');

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