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Web Services   
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Introduction to Web Services
When you start thinking about Data Architectures, you soon get into 'Web Services'. This in turn, leads to thinking about ways of exchanging data by using Remote Services provided as Web Services from unknown processors. In order for these Web Services to achieve the importance that they need, and to become comemrcially viable, it is vital that a common standard is adopted by all participants. Building on SOAP is Web Services.
A new initiative called the Web Services Organisation has been formed. The Membership includes all of the major players, including many who usually competitors.
Membership includes IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HP SAP and many others.

Here's a brief history of the Web Services movement.
Here is a series of Useful Links :-
Chutney Specialises in Web Services Tuning, and offers a White Paper in Optimisation.
History Gartner sees a great future.
IBM Developer Works Using WSDL in SOAP Applications.
Microsoft Microsoft has made Web Services a significant part of its overall development strategy.
SearchWebServices Article How Web Services really work
SearchWebServices Article 6-months timetable for WS-I
Soap What is SOAP ?
SoapWare Busy Developers Guide.
Sun Sun ONE(Open Net Environments) White Papers.
W3 Consortium Web Service Description Language, (WSDL).
W3 Consortium Specifications Version 1.1.
Web Services Interopability This organisation founded on Feb 7th, 2002 and includes IBM,Oracle,Microsoft,HP and a host of other major players !!!
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