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Our Sponsor - Barry Williams, Independent Database Specialist (1) A Word from our Sponsor
There is a great deal of material on this Site.

We recommend that First-Time Visitors check out our Site Map which covers a wide range of topics from Career Guidance to Web Services.

To get an overview of what is available, you can check out the User Scenarios (aka Guided Tours)

(2) We Answer Database Questions.
Here's how to get an answer to a question ... if you have a question which includes the word 'Database', then you can either Use the Search option or Ask Us ,or check the FAQs .
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Please don't ask us a question if it does not include the word 'database'. We simply won't have time to answer it.

Water (3) Career Advice
Many of the questions that people ask relate to Careers.
Here's a section dealing with Database Careers, and a page specifically on Oracle Careers, and you can also review my FAQs on

Check out the demand in the US and the UK for some typical Database roles.

(4) Database Design
We have developed a Libary of free Kick-Start Database designs.
These take the form of Data Models, created in a Modelling Tool called DataArchitect by PowerDesigner/Sybase, or ERWin or Dezign.
If you have a specific requirement that you can't find, then let me know and if I have time, I'll create something specifically for you.
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Costa Rica (5) Best Practice
I have created a number of Best Practice recommendations, as well as some Tutorials.

Books are important and a while ago, I started nominating a Book of the Week, but did not have the time to keep doing it.

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